Homework About Philippines

About Philippines

I thought that Every Filipino can be good at English before I come to the Philippines.However, it was wrong. Educational improvement is essential for development of the Philippine.

To ensure that all people can receive high-quality education is of course necessary.
But more than that, it is important to the development of infrastructure of the Internet.
If you prepare infrastructure, there is a possibility global web service is born from the Philippines.

Big future for the Philippines to develop, rather than to develop a call center and outsourcing, Filipino should try to create their own business.

If that happens, the Philippines is going to be a big competition.

Population problem

Resources due to population growth problem is very serious in the world. However, the situation that Japan faces is different. Japanese population has continued to decline. A decrease in population, Japan has no resources, How can we compete globally?
Is a serious problem.


In my opinion, increasing the labor force to accept more immigrants. Besides focusing on tourism, we should earn more foreign exchange.


To launch a global business is also one of the mission of their own. Sorry this is solution for only Japan.